Resources for EDOT Leaders

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Congregational Vitality

Whether very large or small, congregational vitality is measured by a church’s pursuit of God’s mission and vision for it. Every congregation must provide meaningful worship, faith formation, missional outreach, fellowship and pastoral care in a safe church environment of healthy leadership and relationships.

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Clergy Resources

A collection of resources and links organized for ease-of-use for our clergy.

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Administration Resources

A collection of resources for the day-to-day operation of the EDOT including communication, benefits, annual reporting metrics, finance and forms.

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Call to Ministry

To meet the challenge of building faith communities, our Diocese has recently updated the process of discernment to help members in our churches discern their gifts and identify leaders for ministry: lay and ordained.

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Emergency Preparedness

From large-scale natural disasters to localized acts of human violence, these events can devastate our communities and overwhelm our resources. Though we cannot plan for or prevent every possible outcome, we can take precautions that minimize the impact of a disaster on our congregations and, in turn, be prepared to serve the community in the midst of a traumatic event. 

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Transition Ministry

Aiding our diverse congregations to discern and call leaders who will build healthy congregations and preparing clergy to discover vocational opportunities within and outside of the Diocese of Texas.

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Church planting

The Diocese of Texas is actively identifying leaders and locations to plant new communities that are faithful to our Episcopal tradition and responsive to the context they are planted in, reaching those that are not yet participating in Christian community.

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World Mission Board

To encourage and serve the work of domestic and foreign missions supported by congregations in the Diocese of Texas, especially through a program of grants.

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